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Welcome To Enderun Colleges

Our institutions have a well-established ethos of learning that facilitates quality, world-class education.
With an educational model geared towards 21st century learning habits, our programme is designed to promote growth and development through creativity and exploration. We strive to implement a value-based learning system that encourages learners to strive for excellence in and outside the classroom.

Our programme is designed to assist learners to achieve academic excellence while nurturing their moral values. This is to build a good foundation that will guide them throughout their lives.

What We Offer

Our curriculum is fully aligned with the National CAPS programme. We endeavour to create a relaxed and supportive environment that allows our learners to feel like they are at home. With smaller classes we are able to provide individual attention, allowing for a better learning experience.

National CAPS

Relaxed Safe and Supportive Environment

Better Learning

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About Us

Enderun is a group of privately held colleges located across South Africa. Our first college was established in 2014. Our centres accommodate learners from Grade 5 – 12 with separate schools for boys and girls.

Our mission is to cultivate an environment that allows for successful learning and personal growth throw coaching and moral development. 

Our Branches

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What About Admission

We accept children from Grade 5 – 12 into our programme. Join the thousands of students who have already enrolled and become part of the Enderun College family.